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Ancient Celtic Village

Note the Thatched Roof

Not many visitors to Salzburg realize that just a short drive south of the city, in Austria's Hohe Tauern national park, a unique project is underway. The Austrian Government has set aside a section of the park - dubbed Tauriska, after the region's ancient Celtic name - for an experiment in small-scale economic development.

Unlike national parks in parks in the United States, Tauriska is not conceived of merely as a nature preserve. Although it lies in a spectacular and largely unspoiled region of the Alps, protecting the wilderness is not its only aim. Rather, the project fosters the folkways of the region and even promotes a distinctive local economy in balance with the natural environment.

Part of the park is this Ancient Celtic Village that has been completely restored. The Village dates back to the 7th Century, 800 years before the first colonies were founded in America.

Stretched Skin to Block Weather

Also as a back rest for the bench?

Talking Celtic about their history

Burial tomb of a Celtic king

No dad, it is not an Outhouse...