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Bertchesgarden Germany

Church in Bertchesgarden

Berchtesgaden is a town in the German Bavarian Alps. It is located in the south district of Berchtesgadener Land in Bavaria, near the border with Austria, some 30 km south of Salzburg and 180 km southeast of Munich. It is situated north of the National Park Berchtesgaden.

The area of Obersalzberg was appropriated by the Nazis in the 1920s for their senior leaders to enjoy. Hitler's mountain residence, the Berghof, was located here. Berchtesgaden and its environs (Stanggass) were fitted to serve as an outpost of the German Reichskanzlei office (Imperial Chancellery), which sealed the area's fate as a strategic objective for Allied forces in World War II.

A number of other relics of the Nazi era can still be found in the area, although only few of them are still well preserved. There is the Kehlsteinhaus (Eagle's Nest), which was built as a present for Hitler's 50th birthday in 1939. The remnants of homes of former Nazi leaders such as Adolf Hitler, Hermann Göring, and Martin Bormann were all demolished in the early post-war years.

Church in Bertchesgarden

There are usually 3 or more in any given city.

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Town Square

City Market Place

The town was torn up!

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