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Dresden Germany

Dresden GermanyZwinger Castle

On the last day I visited with Christine and her family over the New Year Holiday we traveled to Jens (Cís Dad) home town of Dresden a city in east central Germany, capital of Saxony (Sachsen). A port town on the Elbe River, near the Czech Republic, it is the focus of one of Germany's largest metropolitan areas and is a major manufacturing, transportation, and cultural center. At the heart of the city is the historic Altstadt (Old Town), on the southern bank of the Elbe, now partly restored after receiving severe damage in World War II (1939-1945).

The economy of Dresden centers on port activities and the manufacture of high-technology items. Products include specialized optical and medical equipment, business machines, computers, musical instruments, machinery, and tools. Dresden china, a fine porcelain once made in the city, is now produced at nearby Meissen. Dresden Technical University (1828), Carl Gustav Carus Medical Academy of Dresden (1954), Friedrich List University of Transportation of Dresden (1952), and a school of music (1856) are in the city.

Video: The Road to Dresden

This is a short Viedo of our arrival to Dresden.

Cigettet Factory

(Cigarette Factory)

Clock Tower

Art Academy


Zwinger Palace Court Yard

Saxony Castle

Christein and Jens

Government Building

Horse Sculpture

Sachsen Palace Mural

This Long gallery is a huge mural depicting the Royal Stable(Circa 1771), about 102 metres long (500 feet)and made of more than 25,000 Meissen tiles.