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Dresden Transportation Museum

Museum of TransportationSailing ship

The Verkehrsmuseum Dresden [Dresden Transportation Museum] is focused on the development of all modes of transportation in the past, present, and future. Much of the museum is focused on Saxony and eastern Germany. The collection includes specialized testimonials to pre-industrial transportation history, machines developed after 1850, and unique objects with special historical meanings. The museum also offers a collection of steamers and road vehicles (passengers cars and commercials vehicles) from the GDR that is unique in Germany. The "History of the Post in Saxony" exhibit was started in 1995. The museum works in close collaboration with leading corporations in order to perfect maintenance techniques. For example, the museum is a member of the International Association of Transport and Communications Museums (IATM).

Steam powered bike

I like my bike better.

Gas Powered Car

Neat Car

Steam Powered Car

Race Car


Early Air Planes

Early Jet Engine

Old Mercedes


Trains have been an important aspect of transportation in Europe as depicted by these models.