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Fall Tour

Train Station Salzburg

For our Fall Trip we spent 2 weeks touring France and parts of Germany.

I did not like France very much.

Castle Nueschwanstein (New swan rock...the builder was insane)

The Castle is located in the State of Bavaria.

Neuschwanstein Castle

The castle was built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria who ruled from 1864 to 1886.

Even before he died, the king had already become something of a legend. "I want to remain an eternal mystery to myself and others", Ludwig once told his governess, and it is this mysterious element that still fascinates people today. The poet Paul Verlaine called Ludwig II the "only true king of this century".

The shy dreamer, who had none of the typical characteristics of a popular king, lives on, still idolized, as "the Kini".

His palaces, which were barred to strangers, have been visited by over 50 million people since his death. They are records in stone of the ideal fantasy world which the king built as a refuge from reality. His historic, poetic and ideal interpretation of his role as king was finally his downfall. It is possible that he preferred to die rather than return to reality.

Government Building in Paris

Stained Glass Window in Chatre Cathedral

A Vaulted Ceiling in Reams Cathedral

$1,000 Lunch

We traveled to Reims and toured the Champagne cellars at TAITTINGER. The oldest parts of the cellars are located on the site of Gallo-Roman chalk mines dug in the 4th century.

They were enlarged in the 13th century by the Saint Nicaise Abbey monks to provide a store for the Champagne wines which they traded in. Remains of the Abbey, which was destroyed during the French Revolution, are still visible today throughout the tunnels, in an excellent state of preservation.

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City Store

Church Statue