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Greek Monasteries

Convent of Agios Stephanos

We visted 4 different Monasteries and a Convent in 1 day.

As if from another planet the rock formation of high reaching smooth pillars in this region are spectacular and Geologist are still perplexed as to their exact formation. The rocks themselves are so overwhelming that it takes a while to notice the monasteries. When you do, you will think your eyes deceive. Is that a bell tower on a vertical pinnacle hundreds of feet high or a conical dome of a church profiled against the sky?

The Monastery of Varlaam

Most of these Monasteries date back to 1,300 A.D.

Roussanou Monastery

Video: Monastery of Agia Triada

Monastery of Agia Triada

Court Yard View

At Agia Triada

Wine Press

At Agia Triada

Bone House

At Agia Triada, like the one I was in Austria.

Painting of a Priest

At Agia Triada

Another Monastery

And yet another

Entrance to Monastery of Agia Triada