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Mauthausen Concentration Camp

Main Gate as seen from inside Courtyard

I did not like this trip very much, but Mauthausen was part of the reality of World War II. On August 8 1938, Himmler ordered a couple of hundred prisoners from the Dachau camp to be transported to the little town of Mauthausen just outside Linz, Austria. The plan was to build a new camp in order to supply slave labor for the Wiener Graben stone quarry. Until 1939, most of the prisoners were put to work building the camp and the living quarters for the SS. The main camp of Mauthausen consisted of 32 barracks surrounded by electrified barbed wire, high stone walls, and watch towers. Due to the immense number of prisoners that poured into the camp, Commandant Ziereis ordered that the fields to the north and west were to be ringed with wire. Here, Hungarian Jews and Russian soldiers, mostly, were kept in the open, all year around.

Approximetly 81,000 people died here.


Medical Cells / Memorial Statue

Grounds at the Compound

Memorials from 32 different countries.

Parachute Cliff

People would be thrown off the cliff to the bottom.

Part of the Memorial

Pathway through the Memorial.

The dense fog was very eerie.

Stone Wall

Main Gate