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Milan Italy

Government Building

A couple of years ago, my sis Kari met this guy Tom in a gaming chat room from Milan Italy. Tom seemed like a nice enough guy and even planned a trip to America this past summer to come and visit us but it did not work out. So I took the train to Milan and visited him and his family. We had a fun weekend.

The city is one of the world's major commercial and financial centres, and one of the wealthiest cities in the European Union. Milan is one of the world capitals along with New York City, Paris, London and Tokyo in fashion design. The English word milliner is derived from the name of the city. The city is famous for fashion firms and shops (via Montenapoleone) and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in the Piazza Duomo, reputed to be the world's oldest shopping mall. Another famed Milanese product is the traditional Christmas sweet cake, called Panettone. Milan is also famous for the Alfa Romeo automible and for its silk production; but on the whole relies on its directional functions for its once proud and strong industrial base having been externalized throughout the region in the 60s-70s of the last century. The city hosted among other events the World Exposition in 1906, the football World Cup in 1934 and 1990, the football Euro Cup in 1980, and plans to host the World Expo of 2015.

Inhabitants of Milan are referred to as "Milanese"

I dont speak a word of Italian so I let Tom talk. 2/3 of all Italians dont speak anything but Italian and of those that do speak another language, the most common is english. My German wasnt much help here.

Hey Tom, I look forward to seeing you again soon, Thanks!

Central Plaza of Lodi

This is the central plaza of the town where Tom lives.

Cathedral in Lodi

Bridge Napoleon fought over in 1780's in Lodi

Old part of a Church in Lodi

City Street in Lodi

Church in Milan

Triumphal Arch dedicated to Napoleon I of France

Cathedral of Milan

Emanual II of Italy Archway (He was first king of all of Italy)

Hotel Room

The room was $70 Euros a night, but Tom's parents paid for 1 night.

Statue of Garabaldi, General who unified Italy.

Just south if our Beach house in Rockaway Oregon is a small town called Garabaldi named after him.

Historic Castle

Same castle as above

Arch de Triumph in Milan

City Street

City Market

Central markets seem to be an important part of every European City.

Video: Milan at Night