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My Apartment

The Room

I have a 1 bedroom apartment with a private bath. There is a kitchen down stairs. There are about 20 apartments in the building, but only a couple of them are private, most are shared. Meals are prepared for us during the week, but we have to cook for ourselves on the weekends and are provided with a small food allowance. Lots of sausage…

The Sink

The Bed

The View

Salzburg Map

The red * is where my Apartment is located.

Video: My Apartment & Complex

This is a short video of my apartment complex including my room, common area, kitchen and laundry room.

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The picture is of Fran Stroble, the lady that cooks for us. I was told to not get on her bad side, but I have found her to be very nice.

Video: The Campus

This short video is of the Campus court yard, a class room, computer lab and the library.