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Oberndorf Austria-Leuffen Germany

Chapel of Silent Night

Where silent night was first performed.

Memoral to Mohr & Gruber

More than 180 years ago the carol Silent Night "Stille Nacht! Heilige Nacht" was heard for the first time in this little village of Oberndorf Austria. The congregation at that Midnight Mass in St. Nicholas Church listened as the voices of the assistant pastor, Fr. Joseph Mohr, and the choir director, Franz Xaver Gruber, rang through the church to the accompaniment of Fr. Mohr's guitar. On each of the six verses, the choir repeated the last two lines in four-part harmony.

On that Christmas Eve, a song was born that would bring its way into the hearts of people throughout the world. Now translated into hundreds of languages, it is sung by untold millions every December from small chapels in Stayton Oregon to the Andes to great cathedrals in Antwerp and Rome.

There were rumors that the pipe organ was inoperable due to a mice infestation, so Gruber composed the original score for the guitar as depicted in this memorial.

Silent Night

Listen to an old pipe organ playing the original manuscript.

Old St Nicholas Church Ruins

The Old Church from the 12th Century had to be torn down and rebuilt in the early 20th Century. Here are some of the stones from an original wall.


Train station in Oberndorf Austria. Not much there.

Lauffen Germany

Across the Salzach River is Lauffen, a small German town located on the southeastern border of Bavaria (Germany) with Austria. Lauffen is on the inside of the Salzach River bend across the from the Austrian town of Oberndorf.

Water Wheel House

Old Water Wheel house used to make flour and grind grain products.

Old restaurant

One of the oldest buildings in Lauffen is this eating establishment circa 1278.

Bridge accross Salzach River

This is the main bridge that goes from Oberndorf Austria (left) to Laufen Germany (right).

Lauffen Church

As with most villages and cities in Europe the architecture centers around the churches and other religious structures.

Outer Corridor of Church

Note the huge stones that make up the walkway.

Interior of the Lauffen Church

Pipe Organ

Statue of St. Rupert

Lauffen City Hall

Museum Closed

The Museum/Gift Shop was closed for the month of February…

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One of the first sites of interest as the Train neared Oberndorf were the massive Mole Mounds. Thousands upon thousand of them.

No Fishing

The sign below says No Fishing.

Austria and Germany are popular with anglers from all over the world, with their abundance of streams and lakes, providing first-class sport with brown and rainbow trout, grayling, char, pike-perch, sturgeon and carp. Some of the main centers tend to be over fished because of centuries of pressure.

The Salzach River is famous for Carp and White Sturgeon like we have in the Columbia River in Oregon.

Daily permits costs about $125 Euros ($175 US) for residents or non-residents making fishing a very expensive sport.

Also most fishing is catch and release only with artifical lures.