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Salt Mine Trip

The Slide to get out

Remember the old saying about work, I gotta go back to the Salt Mine, well there really is such a place! Our first field trip we toured an Austrian Salt Mine near Salzburg. One of the oldest salt mines in the world and it is just outside the gates of Salzburg. Salt from the Dürrnberg Mine brought wealth and prosperity to Salzburg from Celtic times to the reign of the Prince Archbishops. Salt, one of nature’s inconspicuous yet precious life giving substances, has been hidden in the depths of the mountain for millions of years. Clothed in white overalls like the original miners we entered the salt mine tunnels on a small train. There are smooth slides carved out of the salt that take you from one level to the next.

Salt Mine Shaft

Note the tracks for the Train.

Tools of the Trade

Bricks of red Salt with a +50 lb one on top

History of the bavarians who controlled the mines

Miners Overalls

Salt Ore

Train Ride