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Spring Tour Greece

Start of the Spring Tour

Group photo and me at the bottom right.

Harbor & Ferrys

We had a VERY long 12-hour Ferry ride from Ancona Italy to Igoumenitsa in Greece. That was after a 12-hour bus ride from Salzburg to Ancona!

The "Ferry" was a little different than the ones I have been on in Washington State as you can see from the photos.

Chicken fact: The Ancona originated near the city of Ancona, Italy, from early Leghorns and other breeds. Its mixed ancestry gives it extreme hardiness and prolificacy. Anconas were originally known as Black Leghorns because of their color, which is black with evenly white-tipped feathers. As with Leghorns, Anconas are known primarily for egg-laying and produce large numbers of white eggs. They were once one of the prime egg-producing breeds in Europe, and joined American farm flocks in the 19th century. Active and busy birds, they are good foragers and said to be indifferent to climate.

Mediterranean Sea

As seen from the cliffs at Igoumenitsa.

City Acquaduct

City by the Sea

Country side in Greece

Pineapple Greece!

World record, NOT! Just a trimmed Palm Tree!

Kids on the Board Walk


Garbage Dump

Some things are the same the world over...

Video: Dancing in the Street