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The Louvre (Busts)

Bust of Constantine the Great

One of the most common forms of art work in ancient history was sculpting busts. I think it was their form of photography or posting a website.

Most here are from the 5th century BC to the 4th century AD.

Bust of Emperor Gordian III

A later emperor, little is known of his reign. It was only 6 years and by the early 3rd century where he reigned, the roman empire was in rapid decline.

Bust of Emperor Caraculla

The elder of the two sons of the emperor Septimius Severus, Caracalla is best-known for arranging the murder of his brother Geta after the two engaged in a power struggle in the months after their father's death. The murder offended contemporaries and colored the following five years of Caracalla's reign, a reign that ended on a Syrian road with the emperor's own murder.

Bust of Hadrian

Publius Aelius Traianus Hadrianus (January 24, 76 July 10, 138), known as Hadrian in English, was Roman emperor from 117 138, and a member of the gens Aelia. Hadrian was the third of the "Five Good Emperors." His reign had a faltering beginning, a glorious middle, and a tragic conclusion.

Bust of Hadrien

Bust of Emperor Trajan

Roman emperor, Marcus Ulpius Traianus or Trajan was born at Italica, in Spain, on September 18, A.D. 53. After having appointed Hadrian his successor, Trajan died while returning to Italy from the east, on 9 August A.D. 117, following a stroke, in the Cilician town of Selinus.

Bust of Caligula

Nephew of Tiberious, Caligula was a benevolent for the first few years of his reign. After what appears to have been a brain leison that almost killed him, he went insane and became one of the more infamious Emperors. At the death of his wife and sister (Same person), he outlawed smiling for 3 months on pain of death. He was eventually killed by his own guards.

Bust of Nero

Possibly the most hated of emperors, after his death all records and images of him were destroyed. This is one of the few surviving pieces of art that bears his face.

Bust (again Nero)